The Weekend is in Sight – CMON WEEKEND!

The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.  The weekend is in sight!  There’s a family member that has had cabin fever for the past 3 weeks, and since she’s recovering so well, I’ve been recruited to be the one to take her in the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome this weekend.  We’ll make it a close trip, as she wants to return to Jefferson to get her nails done, but also go to the Friday evening Cruise Night for the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department.  We won’t be taking the ’69 Chevelle to this event, though we’ll be there to hang out with some “car people” (GREAT folks!).  Vehicles of all types and ages will be there on Austin Street, in front of the General Store & Franchise in the Historic Jefferson Downtown District.  I have a friend that might bring his rat rod that he’s been working on for 8 months.  He may trailer the rat rod there, though, because it is, certainly, not I-20 worthy, and he’d be driving from Bossier City.  But, we’ll stop by the Cruise Night for awhile.  More on the Cruise Night HERE.
It’s been a month or so, since the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome has been on the road in the ArkLaTex.  It’ll feel good to be behind the wheel, crossing the state line into East Texas.  Speaking of crossing the state line, why is the road condition so horrible, going east-bound I-20 at the Louisiana/Texas line?  If you’re behind me, I hope you’ll understand why I pass the weigh station in the fast lane (left lane is smoother than the right lane). It’ll keep my dishes and utensils in the drawers and cabinets, from banging around, riding over that BUMPY stretch of road.  As I approach the Texas rest area (where I-20 smooths out), I’ll ease back into the right lane, okay?  Also, while over in Marion County, we’ll take a ride in the Jeep out to Caddo Lake, and Lake o’ The Pines.  We might even drive up to Linden, Texas, on Saturday evening, where I hear that John Early, Richard Bowden and the rest of Hickory Hill, will be performing on stage at Music City Texas Theater (wonderful place).  So.  After last weekend in downtown Shreveport, my sights are set on this weekend in East Texas.
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