The Tom’sMaHaul Stops @ Texas Broadcast Museum (Kilgore, Tx)

Tom’sTravels photos –  The photo where I’m in a, working, old radio studio, reminds me of a studio that I broadcasted from, when I worked in the Petroleum Tower in Downtown Shreveport, back in the late 70s.  In the mid 80s, when we started 98Rocks, the studio had many similarities, to the studio in that photo, like turntables, cart machines, non-digital clock on the wall etc etc.  Yes, we played records, when we started 98Rocks.  There were thousands of vinyl albums in the, original, 98Rocks control room studio.  The photo is of a working studio in the Texas Broadcast Museum in Kilgore, Texas.  The place is HUGE, and covers TV and radio History. Here is a photo that was taken of me in an old radio broadcast bus in the museum….

…And, this next photo from when I was exploring the MANY oil rigs that are all around Kilgore, Texas.

The Texas Broadcast Museum is under the leadership of Chuck Conrad, and Chuck & his team have assembled an incredible museum of TV & radio items, with radio & TV studios, stage & conference area, displays, working vintage TVs, radio, record players etc.  It is worth your time to visit this place.  Even if you’ve never worked in broadcasting, you’ll be amazed at the stories and displays in this museum.  This place is, quite possibly, the largest broadcast museum in the nation.   More info HERE

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