The Original Maxwell Smart in Bossier City

It wasn’t the ghost of Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) that I saw in Bossier City over the weekend.  I spent the weekend cleaning out an attic of a long-time family home.  3 generations of my family have lived in this home.  I took on the task of cleaning out a dusty and hot attic.  I found my old table top air hockey game.  I found some old Halloween and Christmas yard decorations that I made, when my sons were small children (and the decorations are, all, remarkably in great shape).  There was a lot of “stuff” in that attic, that hasn’t been touched in 4+ decades.  I came across the Skittle Pool Game that you see, and all of the pieces are in the box.  I’m looking forward to setting it up, and playing Skittle Pool.  I haven’t played that game, since….  I can’t remember, when.  I thought it was cool that the original Maxwell Smart (Get Smart TV series) was on the cover of the box.  I’ve removed 98.1% of the stuff from the attic.  There’s, still, more stuff in some closets and rooms, inside of the house, to go through, and decide what to do with.  I’ve been texting cell phone photos to family (some in different cities), asking if they want to keep some of their stuff that I’ve come across, that they haven’t touched in many decades.  Some of the stuff, was forgotten stuff.  Some of the stuff is going to the next generation (my children), to add to their stuff collection.  There are boxes of old family photos, that are keepers, as they will provide for good entertainment, when the family gets together for holidays.  My friend from Doyline (La.) says – “Makin’ Memories”.  Roger is right, in saying that.  A lot of memories, that have been forgotten, are being rekindled, as we go through the old, family, home.  Cleaning out stuff, takes longer, because we come across stuff and say “Oh.  I remember that.”, and then there are conversations about that space in time, and that is a stopping point to the Spring cleaning.  For example, I plan to set up the Skittle Pool game that you see in the photo, and play the game, before boxing it back up, and getting back to clearing out more stuff in the house.  I’m sure that there will be more memory-breaks, throughout this process.




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