The Morning Brew

Will March come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb this year as the idiom goes?  We’ll know about the “in” part Thursday, March 1.  My son Zak’s 24th birthday.  So regardless of the weather they’ll be a roar of celebration in the family!  Looking forward to that, as there hasn’t been a lot to celebrate this past week, and the better-half spent most of the weekend nursing a miserable cold when not searching for a wayward friend who spread his wings flew the coup, causing no small bit of sorrow.

But the Sun will come up today, and after some morning clouds and fog, we might even get a glimpse of it by the afternoon.  Could warm to about 70.  Then brace for more rain they say.  In the 50’s now and dripping humidity, just a slight breeze.  Brew another cup if you please,  cozy-up to your speakers and we shall rock our way through it!

I don’t think Mondays are so bad!



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