The Kid Within

It is good to play.  Yesterday we enjoyed some parking-lot aviation here at 98 Rocks.  Finally got the aerodynamic coefficient of our aircraft dialed-in, and managed a few decent flights that didn’t result in total destruction or a landing on the roof.  When the wind picked-up (and most everyone else had bailed for lunch) I got off a few spectacular touch-n-goes in the hallway, and even a stellar launch from a table-top in the conference room, aircraft-carrier style.  Made my day.

Point is, taking a little time to free the mind of responsibility for a moment, and focusing with the attention of a child on a mindless amusement, might just help the old noggin’ to better hone-in on the important stuff when you get back to it.  My thinking, anyway.  So have a rubber-band war between cubicles, an inter-department nerf dodge-ball or mini-basketball tournament.  I’ve seen golf-balls putted, drones maneuvered through the halls, remote-controlled racers and everything from magnetic darts to Frisbees and footballs fly past my office door at times.   Call it “team building” or just blowing-of steam, but see if just ten minutes of silliness makes you a little sharper the rest of the day.  Keep Rockin!’



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