Yes, it is with tremendous joy that I sit to write this blog, because when it is published, my work here at the station is done for the day.  Not a moment to soon either.  There is a whole sun-splashed world out there to goof-off in, and I am anxious to get after it.  That is the joyful part of Monday, wrapping up the workday, and saying “I won” when it’s all over.  Even if you had to wade through a little muck or put out some fires, quittin’ time eventually comes.   Last Monday we were all on-edge about the coming winter weather. “Inga” was the monkey-wrench Mother Nature threw into the works for us, and we toughed-it out, like we do. (who gave the weather channel winter storm naming authority anyway?)   Enjoy the t-shirt, you earned it!  This week it’s a government shutdown on some people’s minds, but not due to inclement weather. At this writing our ace collection of legislators on both sides of the aisle were apparently close to voting on a solution.  Hope it works out soon, and everyone who works for the USA gets taken care of in short order.  As I have said many times,  having Barksdale AFB in our backyard is a constant reminder of how interwoven our military and civilian lives are, and how many dedicated folks there are around here who call Uncle Sam their boss.  That’s not me.  This year I am sending a pretty sizeable tax check off, but since they might be a bit behind at the IRS, I’m not going to rush.  But know that whatever I owe, I pay with pride and a patriotic heart.  Taxes are kinda like rent to me, and I appreciate the privilege of living in America.  Both sets of Grand-parents came over from Czechoslovia, so history-wise I’m not that far removed from the stories I heard growing up about “The Old Country.”  Heard more of that language sometimes too, so how I developed a command of English can only be because of my Mom’s tireless reading and tutoring.  Otherwise I might have sounded like one of those “Wild and Crazy” guys from the golden-days of SNL.  Don’t know if I could’ve made a broadcast career outta that.  But my point is,  this is my country, and I’m proud as a civilian, to do as much as I can to earn, in some little way the blessing it is to be here.  For all of us in America, the rent isn’t really all that high when you consider the real estate:  Best on the planet!   It’s also populated, for the most part, by the best neighbors you could hope for. There’s a little perspective that might help you over the Monday Blues.   If not, here’s Mocha, ’cause many people have been saying that dog pics make them all warm and fuzzy inside. Blog atcha later…

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