The heat is on!

Well we finally landed in August which is typically one of our hottest months of the year. Football practice for fall has begun, but cooler temperatures are still a long ways off. Now to be fair about it, this hasn’t been one of our hottest years even though July was officially made the hottest month ever globally. People in the northeast were experiencing what we have every summer a few weeks back and we even have it worse than what they saw. One of the differences between the south and the north is the amount of air conditioning that is owned. The majority of people have it in the south, both in their home and in their car, but not so up north. We also understand the dress code for outside activities in the furnace, along with hydration practices and the need for frequent breaks. When the heat and humidity combine, it can be deadly! Take care of yourself this summer and stay in the air conditioning when you can. See you on the radio!