The Good News

Skippy The 98 Rocks Newshound has sniffed-up a few more good news stories making the rounds.  Just to mix a little joy into the often dark outlook.  Who’s a smart boy?

1.  An off-duty firefighter in New York was getting home last week when he saw a house down the street on fire . . . and ended up pulling a three-year-old little girl out.  The whole place was full of smoke, but he had a breathing apparatus in his trunk that he takes to Career Day at schools.  He says luckily he’d been lazy and left it in his car.

2.  A guy here in Louisiana pulled over to save a kitten he saw on the side of the road.  Then TWELVE MORE ran out of a patch of weeds, so he had to save all 13 of them.  He was recording with his phone when it happened, so it’s all on video.  It sounds like all the kittens have already been adopted, or will be soon.  (Here’s the video.)

3.  The FDA just approved a new drug this week that’s huge for people with alopecia.  It’s the first to treat it all over the body at once.  Oddly enough, it’s also sometimes used to treat people hospitalized with COVID.  (The name of the drug is Olumiant.  The generic version is baricitinib.)

4.  A 16-year-old from Ohio named Sam Short has been fighting cancer of the spine since 2018.  And check out how tough this kid is:  When Make-a-Wish reached out, he said he wanted to go to boot camp.  (???)  Seven Marines trained him for two days.  He did obstacle courses, a swim test, and even the final “Crucible” challenge all Marines go through.  If he couldn’t do something, they all did it together as a team.  And they made him an honorary Marine at the end.

Thanks for listening, and reading!  Go make some good news of your own today.