The Good News

 Skippy the Good Newshound has dug up a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A flood in England swept a woman’s car down a river while she and her three-year-old daughter were trapped inside.  Then it got wedged under a bridge with water rushing all around them.

They could have drowned, but a guy named Liam Stych used ratchet straps from his work van to anchor them to the bridge, and got them both out.  (Here’s a photo, and here’s a video.  He talks about it at 1:00.)

2.  The U.S. Mint released three new coins celebrating Harriet Tubman, who helped run the Underground Railroad before slavery was abolished.  They include new five-dollar, one-dollar, and 50-cent pieces.  Congress passed a bill to create them back in 2022.

3.  Swiss scientists say they’ve got a new antibiotic that works on drug-resistant bacteria.  It’s the first new one of its kind in over 50 years.

4.  An 89-year-old Navy vet in Florida loves hanging out at a diner in Pensacola called Scenic 90 Café.  So last month, they posted a photo of him on Facebook and said Mr. Lee “loves our company, but we love his even more.”

The post went viral, and now they’re planning a big party for his 90th birthday in March.  They’re asking people to send cards, or you can call in and buy him lunch.  They set up a gift card you can add money to.  Just call the restaurant and ask for a manager.

Hope the New Year brings some good news your way!

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