Okay, so the wife and I were having a discussion last night and it got me thinking about all of the crazy things that were going on in the eighties. I mean, literally it was the most interesting decade for me, maybe because I was a young man, or maybe because everything seemed simpler then.

One of the things that I miss most about those years is MTV. There were no reality shows, MTV was like radio, with pictures. It was Billy Idol pumping his fist and sneering at the camera. Madonna (okay don’t pull my rock card, she was HOT back then) in a short shirt and tights, rolling around on the ground seductively.

The VJ’s were awesome, Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn and Music News with Alan Hunter. You could always count on Nina Blackwood to tilt her head slightly when she was talking. Sadly, that all went away, and all that’s left are bratty twenty somethings living in an apartment together with cameras all around 24/7, or something like that.

Good try MTV, you had a shot a killing the radio star, but then you totally f’ed that up!

Here is a Whitesnake video featuring that 80’s hottie Tawny Kitaen. Enjoy!

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