Here we go!  Looking forward to not having to spend a lot of time talking about closures and icing this morning because the thaw is on the way.  It will be above 40 this afternoon, in the 60’s for the weekend.  Hallelujah!  I-220 is open for biz, and driving over the Cross Lake Bridge this morning was real nice for a change.  Be safe.  Have a good trip in, and get in touch with me if you come across anything we should be aware of traffic, or otherwise this morning.  Still just 11-degrees before the sunrise, so it will be a slow warm-up.  Give blood if you’re a donor, the supply is at critically low levels due to the weather.  You can also still receive a flu shot, the medical pros say it is not too late.  On that note, hope you are feeling okay.  If not, don’t sneeze in my direction please.  I’m going to get settled-in behind the mic, talk to ya soon!

-Bobby Cook