The Best Part of My Workday. And, That’s Thanks to You.

After a few days of not being allowed in the building, due to sanitizing efforts, it was great to be back in the 98Rocks control room rockin’ ya on the job.  Like many others, we all live in a multi-tasking world these days, so there are other tasks that I take care of around here.  But, the best part of my workday is always when I get time with you, rockin’ you while you work.  Or, play.  Or, whatever you’re up to.  I’m always thankful to you for your support for 35+ years of rockin’ with 98Rocks.

A big thanks to Mr. Burleson, Mr. Camp & others around here that oversaw the sanitizing efforts in our building earlier this week.  One of our co-workers on another station in our building became ill, and I’m grateful that he is recovering, and doing better and better each day.  My prayers were answered as I had hoped.

We keep rockin’ on 98Rocks.  Again, we thank you for your support.