The Accidental Text

An unwelcome blast of frigid, 20-mph air greeted me this morning when I stepped out for that awakening mug of joe, and I haven’t quite warmed-up yet.  The afternoon is cold and windy and putting the early-spring garden sprouts through conniption fits.  The early spring must have been an accident, like a text sent to the wrong person. Maybe my still stiff with cold fingers bear responsibility for sending off an errant “I luv u” text message to the boss instead of the wife this morning.  Of course Nuke can handle a pre-six am message with the best of them.  Takes it in stride, especially when it doesn’t involve a station being off the air or a computer flashing an error message in Swahili.  Still.  Another reminder to be careful when I text.  I’ve zipped-off much worse than an I luv you and a couple emojis to the wrong recipient.  Ruffled a feather or two I have with my carelessness.  Could be embarrassing as well.  Image I was sending Sweetie something really juicy, like “Hi Hon, I saw some gooey discharge coming from that boil on the cat’s butt, might wanna call and make an appt.  Luv ya!”   That’s when I wish there was an un-send button.

Anyway, the warmer weather will return in a few days and by March 1st the forecast calls for a high in the 70’s.  More like it, as far as I’m concerned, and it should be a stellar day to celebrate my son Zak’s 26th trip around the Sun!  I’ll most likely zip him a Happy B-Day text Sunday morning, and I’ll do it lovingly and carefully.  Just the same, if you’re one of my contacts you might receive it too.  Just hang onto it until your real Birthday rolls around.  ‘Preshate your support…

“In like a lion….” 26 on Sunday!  




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