The 34th Annual Firecracker 400

98 Rocks and Pop A Lock are proud to bring you the Firecracker 400. It’s our annual countdown of the 400 greatest Rock songs of all time. This year the countdown will begin on Monday July 1st at 4PM. The countdown will kick off the remaining mornings at 7AM and run each night until around 8PM, with the culmination and the number one song on the countdown hitting at around 7PM on the Fourth of July.

We hope you enjoy this “Soundtrack” to your holiday as much as we do!

This year make sure to pay close attention to the songs on the countdown, as we will be giving away our monthly $500 from Nicky’s a little differently this time. To gain an entry into the July $500 drawing, you will need to know the titles of songs #398, #298, #198 and #98 of the countdown, but don’t worry, every time that we play one of those songs in the month of July, we will let you know that it was on the countdown, and what number it was!

Good luck….and Happy Independence Day!!