Thanks a lot Tom!

When I came in tonight the weather had already started looking a little scary. That set the stage for a series of events that actually started last night. Now normally I don’t  spend much time pondering on ghosts and goblins but the wheels started turning after I read Tom’s blog before I went on the air. I worked a lot of late and overnight shifts at the old studios and I can confirm that we had a ghost or spirit or something. I kind of ignored it or played the music loud so I didn’t think about it too much.

There’s not many folks at the Alpha Media complex when I’m here and it really thins the later it gets. Last night there were a lot of strange electrical things happening. Different light fixtures would quit working briefly, a computer monitor flashed a few times before it turned itself off. There were other odd happenings and there was no bad weather last night. I didn’t give it much thought and just kept on rocking.

Tonight the strangeness came in a different form and I don’t think it was Tom’s power of suggestion. Around 7:30 or so I got a knock on the studio door. I yelled out and nobody responded. After I completed the 7:50 Gig Guide I hear what sounds like something dropped on the floor outside the studio door. This time I go out to see what the hell is going on. Nobody there and I do a walk around to see if I can find anyone. When I’m coming back to the control room I hear a thud  in the studio just before I open the door to find no one!

The sounds I heard were very distinctive and not weather related. There were only two other people in the building that I’m aware of and they were on the air in their studios. I’m not jumping to any conclusions yet but I will admit it feels a little strange. Maybe it’s an elaborate practical joke Tom’s playing. I rather believe that than the other possibilities. Either way, I’m doing the rest of show from under the console. Billy Idol on the 10:20 Triple Play and the Black Crowes album Amorica on the Album Archive.

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