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Tasty Little Piggies

Tailgate party spread with hot wings, pig in a blanket, nachos, pretzels, and popcorn with football and a football jersey.

I didn’t want April 24th to pass you by without bringing these two observances to your attention:  1, it is National Administrative Professionals Day,    We hope you do something extra special for the Admin in your life, if you have one.  I might suggest making them a nice, home-made and oh so comforting batch of homemade pigs in-a-blanket, as today puts the spotlight on that good-old taste-bud pleasing favorite.

How many finicky eaters met their match when Mom brought out a hot, fresh baking sheet of salty. juicy, pop-n-fresh wrapped joy?  Served up with a pile of fish sticks and a tub of mac-n-cheese was my favorite way to enjoy them. When I was a kid, and when my kids were kids. I might still get the hankerin’ to whip up a batch now and then…they’re good with beer and pickled okra, dipped in sirachi sauce or hot mustard.  We salute you, humble cocktail franks and dough!  I can vividly imagine Mom bringing some out of the oven just as I walk through the door, home from a hard day drooling on my desktop.  I pile a plate with those doggone doggie-delites, and if I’m lucky a nice orange soda and some lime jello.  With bananas sliced in it.  Hey, Mom didn’t skimp. I’d unfold the tv tray and tuck-in to my meal just in time for Hogan’s Heroes.  Now there’s some tasty memories!

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