Super Betting Sunday

The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in Super Bowl LII. Sunday also will be the Super Bowl of gambling with an estimated $4.76 billion dollars being wagered on this year’s game. 

There are more than 900 proposition, or “prop,” bets available for this year’s game. Prop bets can be wagers on something that is associated with the game or something that happens during the game that doesn’t affect its outcome. So if you don’t want to bet on the game, maybe you would be interested in some prop bets. Here are some of the favorites. 

What color shirt will Patriots coach Bill Belichick be wearing? Blue is the favorite so far, but odds on Belichick’s wearing a white shirt are +1000, meaning if you bet $100 that he’ll wear a white shirt and he does, you’d collect $1,100.

What color will Pink’s hair be when she sings the National Anthem? White or blonde are the current favorites.

How will Justin Timberlake enter the arena? Parachute at 50/1 doesn’t seem that insane. Zipline: 2/1, Car: 5/1, Motorcycle: 7/1, Jetpack: 15/1, Dog sled: 20/1, Field (anything else): 3/1.

As always, there are loads of wagers on the broadcast itself, including whether the word “underdog” is uttered by the announcers, and how many times “dynasty”and “wardrobe malfunction” will be mentioned.

Furthermore, you can bet on whether President Donald Trump will make an appearance on the telecast (“yes” is currently at +360), while other Trump-related props focus on his potential tweeting during the Super Bowl.

And if you’re not in to any of this, you can always vote on the Puppy Bowl. Team Fluff are the current favorites and Team Ruff are the “underdogs”. I’m just hoping for a good game. And I’m quite happy with leaving my money in my wallet!





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