Yup, looking back on February 28th’s gone by…

170 years ago – In 1849, the first ship full of Gold Rushers arrived in San Francisco.

165 years ago – In 1854, fifty people opposed to slavery met at a schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin, and laid the foundation forwhat went on to become the Republican Party after their second meeting a month later.

43 years ago – In 1976, the Captain & Tennille won the Grammy for Best Record with Love Will Keep Us Together

. . . Paul Simon won Best Album for “Still Crazy After All These Years”.

36 years ago – In 1983, at the end of its 11th season, the final episode of “M*A*S*H” aired on CBS.  The special two-and-a-half-hour finale was watched by 106 million people . . . a record 77% of the TV-viewing audience.

35 years ago – In 1984, Michael Jackson won a record EIGHT Grammy awards, including Album of the Year for “Thriller” . . . and Record of the Year for Beat It.

. . . The Police won for Best Song with Every Breath You Take.

33 years ago – In 1986, “Pretty In Pink” was released, starring Molly Ringwald,and featuring the addicting title track by thePsychedelic Furs.

30 years ago – In 1989, “Coach”, starring Craig T. Nelsondebuted on ABC.  It lasted until 1997.

26 years ago – In 1993, a 51-day standoff in Waco, Texas, began after four federal agents and six Branch Davidians were killed during a raid as agents tried to serve warrants to David Koresh and his followers.

23 years ago – In 1996, Alanis Morissette won four awards, including Best Rock Album and Album of the Year for “Jagged Little Pill”.

. . . Seal won Record and Song of the Year with Kiss from a Rose.

. . . Pearl Jam won Best Hard-Rock Performance for Spin The Black Circle,

Seeya down the road…

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