Stormy Wednesday

It has been the norm now for several weeks.  A storm system moves into the area mid-week, riles thing up for a bit, then gives way to a sensational spring weekend.  Hopefully that will be the case with this current front, and our weekend conditions will be ideal for whatever floats your boat, including literally floating a boat, gardening or golfing, grilling or boiling bugs or just napping in the shade with the radio on.   There are some items of interest on the always superbly-maintained Gig-Guide from LA Batteries, available free, 24/7 at this very website:

But don’t let the impending stormy weather rain on your parade today!  It’s National Beer Day, so stop by your favorite purveyor of that frothy, hoppy beverage that helps us cope with whatever the Louisiana weather may be.  Cheers!

And now, Mocha, ’cause dogs make every day better!

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