Stormy Monday

But don’t get the blues, the forecast for the rest the week looks dry and sunny.  If it’s going to rain might as well be on Monday.  Hope you had a good weekend.  They are flying by mighty fast and we only get 52 so I hate to not squeeze every ounce of personal time out of ’em.  This weekend I had big expectations and several tasks I was certain that this time I wouldn’t blow-off.  Nothing quite like a job well-done, even if you were planning to do it three weeks ago.  Maybe makes it even more satisfying since you finally got the task handled and conquered procrastination at the same time.  So as usual I wrap-up another weekend leaving some business unfinished, to rollover to next weekend, where it will be re-prioritized and maybe ignored again.  That’s the good thing about home projects mostly, there’s no grief from the boss when you miss deadline because well, it’s your day off.  Unless the boss is the wife and she was really expecting that driveway get pressure-washed.  Those kind of tasks get priority, and when they’re on the to-do list a little weekend rain isn’t always a bad thing.  Rock On Monday lovers!




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