Staying Home Might Be Helping

Data Shows Stay-at-Home Orders have Curbed Coronavirus Infections, despite daily reports that indicate the number of coronavirus cases is increasing.  Data released Monday suggests stay-at-home orders and business closures have helped reduce U.S. illnesses during the pandemic. Data collected by thermometer manufacturer Kinsa Health reveals that the number of COVID-19-related fevers has fallen significantly since U.S. residents began limiting their outdoor excursions. “I’m very impressed by this,” says William Schaffner, a doctor at Vanderbilt University. “It looks like a way to prove that social distancing works. But it does shows that it takes the most restrictive measures to make a real difference.” Currently, at least 248 million residents in 30 U.S. states are under stay-at-home orders. Does it seem like stay-at-home orders are helping? If we did nothing, would the coronavirus wipe out civilization?


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