The rain has begun, and when it leaves the area this time, it will probably take the summer-like temps we’ve been having with it, for good!  Could be a chilly night Thursday for those who venture out, and I for one hope a lot of little goblins will stop by our place.  Maybe it was the warmer weather this season, or a plethora of other things I’ve had my mind on, but I’m a good bit behind my normal Hellish Halloween Fanfare.  Sure I’ve got a handful of spooky decorations around the house, eerie lights, screaming skulls and ghosts, all the nifty l.e.d. and animated freaky marvels I like to buy by the cart-full at Big Lots. (C’mon, their Halloween goods are already clearance-priced in August, right?  Who can resist?)   But I have a bunch of stuff left. I’m thinking the cold of the day may motivate me to prop-up a few more battery-operated abominations before I cue the spooky tunes and take my hiding in the shadows of the “Porch of Doom!”   Trick-or-treat safely, and I hope to see your little monster at my door.   I really still get a kick out of that.

Here’s that forecast, by the way:



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