Ghosts of Morgan City & Swamp People are popular TV shows that you may have seen.  Seeing it on TV is one thing, but being there is better.  Personally, I haven’t witnessed any ghosts (that I’m aware of) in my lifetime…yet.  I’ve heard others tell their personal ghostly experiences, and I choose to believe that they believe what they witnessed were ghosts.  I did see many wonderful creatures in the swamp in southern Louisiana.  The TomsMaHauL crew (my family & I) enjoyed a weekend in deep south Louisiana, and had a memorable experience on one of the swamps in the area.  Among the fun that I had was, spending some time in a south Louisiana studio, jammin’ with my son, Tim, and visiting family in the area.

      Tom jammin’ with son, Tim, in a south Louisiana studio

I saw a cousin that I had not seen in a few decades, and spent time at my mother’s house in Berwick, Louisiana.  We enjoyed an afternoon with a boat load of people on Cajun Man’s Swamp Tour & Adventures.  Captain Billy Gaston drove the boat, and was an excellent swamp tour guide.  I’ve been on this tour before, but I always learn something new every time that I go.  Billy shares the REAL challenges in our Louisiana swamp lands, and took us to areas of the swamps where few Americans see.  We had a great time feeding the wild alligators.  Captain Billy has a name for each gator, and calls them as the boat passes.  We saw (beautiful) American Bald Eagles.  What a sight that was, as the boat passed under their nest.  Those Eagles mate for life.  We saw incredible views of the swamp.  Everyone on the boat held a wild baby alligator that hangs around the dock where the tour boat is kept.  What you see on TV shows about this region, is made-for-TV-drama, if you ask me.  The REAL people who live around the swamps, do not waste anything.  Billy’s accent is authentic Cajun.  It was wonderful to hear him tell the tales of swamp living.  For the full story, and our best photos of the swamp, eagles, gators, our studio time & other weekend fun, visit my Journal entry HERE.  Feel free to look around the website at many other journeys, future trips and projects.

The weekend was capped off with a victory by the New Orleans Saints over the Dallas Cowboys at a Sunday night football game in the Big Easy. There was no LSU football game over this weekend, as the Tigers had the weekend off, but the Tigers play in Death Valley this weekend. GeauxTigers!


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