Sounds Like A Weekend

I can feel it in the air, the excitement and buzz of another weekend.  I can also feel some rain in the air.  No matter, I have a few indoor activities to occupy me, guitars to play, e-mails to answer, “honey-do’s” to doo-doo.  Big parade weekend though, and I applaud the brave souls who’ll deal with whatever Nature throws at us in pursuit of passin’ a goot-time!  Be safe, have fun.  Catch Gemini’s float-loading party tonight if you can, they are fun for the whole family and a rare opportunity to get up-close and personal with the Krewe and floats.

So, what tunes say “Friday” to ya the most?  “Workin’ for the Weekend,” “Crazy Train” “Feel Like Makin’ Love?”  Let me know and we’ll set the stage to roll through the weekend with the volume wide open!



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