Soggy Bottom Days

Backdoor guests are best, so they say, but if you stop by my place anytime soon be sure to have on your rubber boots.  Speaking of that, if you do come over, roll by Rubba Boot on your way and bring a few pounds (about 15) of crawfish with you.  I’ve got beer.

So glad the rain has gone, for a minute anyway, but the soggy saturated ground will hang around.  Not ideal for me, with four medium sized dogs traipsing through the muck every day.  The veggie patch is soaking too…any more water and my tomatoes will look like the tops of so many cypress trees reaching up from the depths of Caddo Lake.  According to my wiz-bang Ack-Yoo-Rite weather station, we’ve received 8.80 inches of rain so far in May.  Corresponds pretty closely to my old-fashioned plastic gauge, but I think the Ack-Yoo-Rite people make those automatic blood-pressure machines that are never right, in my opinion.  A sphygmomanometer they’re called.  I remember well from Mr. Dick’s Honors Anat/Phys at DeLand High.  His real name. And get this, first name was Tribble, like from Star Trek.  Brilliant fellow who has gone to the other side years ago.  Most of what I know about the workings of these amazing human bodies I attribute to him.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, wetness.  If Louisiana weren’t “A Sportsman’s Paradise” we could well be  “The Mosquito State.”  Might make for some wicked-looking license plates, ya think?  The standing water is sure to bring on our “state bird’ in massive numbers.  “Say, what’s that cologne ya got on, bruh?”

“Deep Woods Off.  you like?”  I also often smell of the smokey aroma of those burnable green pinwheel jobbies that are supposed to repel mosquitoes.  They may not be really effective, but do smell much better that a wet, muddy dog. Lot of people rave about those cylindrical eradicator joints too, and I hang several up around the place and believe they do help a bit, but at some point the buggers just overwhelm all defenses, save for staying inside all day.

If you do that, you might only have to deal with one solitary mosquito, the most elusive off all, the indoor mosquito. You may never see it, and you’re only really sure it’s in the house at all because it bites you on the nose in the middle of the night.

i smell like a wet & muddy daisy, right dad?



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