When the payoff is bigger for the Super-Ginormous-Mega-Bombastic-Power-Money lottery games, so is the buyer-frenzy and media coverage.  More enticing a shot at  500 million bucks than a paltry 30 or 40 or even 100.   Hell, why even bother standing in line to buy a ticket that might leave you short after the His-N-Hers yachts?   Better to be able to afford that 7th Rolls Royce to go along with your fifteen Ferraris.  Gotta have something for the kids to drive when they visit your retirement complex in the Seychelles, right?  I’m not a big gambler, but like a lot of folks who silently harbor that secret, impossible dream of life on the easiest of streets, I’ll spend a couple bucks now and again, regardless of the jackpot.   Our La State lottery jackpot is just under 500-grand, and that I image could be a life-changer for some people.  The multi-state games pay-outs are considerably larger, but not nearly big enough to cause a “buyer-frenzy.”   I bought a ticket today on a whim, it’s kind of a lucky-number day for me, so why not.  The Cash payout is 27-million plus.   What would I do with it all?  How about you?  Sure, first you’d think about hookin’-up your family;  your kids would have big trust-funds, buy Mom & Dad a dream house, if they’re still around, if not start a Foundation in their honor.  Personally, I am among the lucky folks who are satisfied with their lot in life; good health, a happy home, dependable transportation and a great job.  Still, I bet I could think of something really over-the-top and hedonistic.   I could build my own brewery, beside a clear mountain stream, and live above it in a massive loft where the taps come right up through the floor to dispense my crafty creations in every room!  Or, maybe just get a million in hundred-dollar bills and hand ’em out to people who strike me as  needing a boost.  Wouldn’t it make you feel good to leave that weary over-worked waitress at Waffle House a tip to really light her up?  I’d like to see more stories of altruistic people who have the means  to do just that kind of thing.  It warms my heart, especially if they do it anonymously.   Might just have more “feel-good” potential than a personal brewery.  Maybe.  Of course the first big question when you win the massive jackpot is “Will you quit your job?”  Me?  No way, it’d be more fun than ever, right?  Maybe I could hire Oprah to co-host my show!  Sure, Bob.  Truth is, I’ll call it a win if I match 3 and get a free ticket…probably my best odds lie therein.  Meanwhile…Dream On!

-Bobby Cook