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It’s so funny how a little snow can put everyone into such a good mood. Probably because we are in the south, and everyone knows that it means an unscheduled day off from work.

For those of us that have lived in a snowy place at some point in our lives, it is even sweeter. I can still remember  how annoying it was to have to get up a couple of hours early every time there was a storm to a) dig the car out so that I could get it out of the parking lot to head to work, and b) leaving at least forty-five minutes early so that I could make the drive that usually took 20 minutes.

On the way into work this morning, I noticed all of the folks sliding and spinning on what appears to be straight ice. Slow it down folks, driving in winter precipitation takes patience and a steady foot. Don’t brake hard, or accelerate too fast. Keep your distance from the car in front of you, and give yourself the extra time to get where you are going in one piece!

I love the snow! Now how about Snow-blind by Styx?

Here’s a little bonus for you….a 27 year old Nuke showing off in Summit County Colorado when I lived there!

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