The Dark Side of the Moon mug was chosen from Tom’s Coffee Mug Library.  I was up early, to get a view of the Super Blue Blood Moon, and thought that this Pink Floyd mug would be my selection from my coffee mug collection.  I don’t have any other moon related mugs?  Maybe, I need to get an Ozzy “Bark At The Moon” coffee mug.  If, I ever see one? Or, a Van Morrison “Moondance” mug?  C.C.R. “Bad Moon Rising” coffee mug?  Cat Stevens “Moonshadow”? Frank Sinatra “Moon River”?  R.E.M. “Man on the Moon”? There are so many other moon songs & albums.   I’ve only seen a “Dark Side of the Moon” coffee mug, in my travels, though. I did get mooned, while driving down Barksdale Blvd.  That was many, many moons ago, though.  The best I recall was that, it was a bad moon risin’.  ‘Nuff of ‘dat, right?

Movin’ along here.  Time for me to do my more-rock-while-you-work gig on 98Rocks.  A quick shout-out (as they say), to David Terry, the Chamberlain family, and the crew at Down Home Meats (Stonewall, La), for joining me to serve up your songs for the lunch break from work on today’s Blue Plate Special at noon.  Oh.  Right after lunch, at about 1pm, the next 98Rocks Cash Resolution Keyword , with another $2018.  And, we’re getting closer to the $30,000 Cash Resolution Grand Prize!

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