Sights of the Season

Alright!  And I say that with the same enthusiasm Ralphie, the kid character in the movie “A Christmas Story” expressed when he opened the mailbox to find his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.  What a classic scene ensued, full of drama, angst and eventual anger;  “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine?  A crummy commercial?  Son of a bitch.!”  Ah poor Ralphie, the sting of innocence lost.  I love that movie. But anyhoo, the reason I say “Alright!” with better than average verve, is because I’m seeing more and more Christmassy-type stuff around town and it’s starting to work magic on my Holiday Mojo.  I love the decorations!  Every year we get cooler stuff too!  Animatronics, sound and light shows, computer-triggered effects, bigger than life yard-sized displays that fry your retinas with electronic joy!  That’s not to say I don’t like simple, traditional approaches.  Or the stuff that requires no batteries.

The green and red of a poinsettia are Christmas-defining colors, but look closer…

Of course, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Here’s a nice touch, warm and inviting, only needs the family in their pj’s to make it complete!

Well, that and one more thing!


Who wuvs a chocolate lab with antlers on, huh?  Who’s never a naughty dog?  Oh yeah!! 



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