Shreveport Rolling Stones Concert Tickets for $4.50

Tickets at Stan’s Record Shop & Southern Maid Donuts in Shreveport.  I’ve seen this Rolling Stones/Hirsch handbill several times, but this one was up on the wall at the Shreveport Twisted Root Burger Co location, where I met for dinner with my two sons last night.  (oldest son) Justin paid for my meal.  That was cool!  We enjoyed some great father/sons conversation while dining at the bar at Twisted Root.  I enjoyed that time with my sons, very much.  I’m proud of both of my sons.  I’m grateful that both sons remain very close, in adulthood.  Tim was Justin’s best man, when Justin married Regan at the Agora Borealis in downtown Shreveport in December.  Back to the Stones @ the Hirsch.  The handbill that you see, was to promote a Shreveport concert in the 60s.  Check out the ticket prices.  I’d wager that, IF, the Stones performed in Shreveport-Bossier today, you’d, likely, pay $200+ for a ticket.  I don’t think that $4.50 would even buy you a seat in the men’s (or ladies) restroom, at a Shreveport-Bossier Stones concert today.  I have some cardboard shoe boxes, that are full of concert ticket stubs that I’ve saved over the years.  Foghat, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth, Eagles, Triumph, Head East, Bob Seger, Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top, Elvis , and many other 70s Shreveport concert ticket stubs are in my shoe boxes.  And, plenty of ticket stubs from the 80s, 90s and some ticket stubs from some concerts over the past few decades.  Back in the 70s, I always sat in the “P” section at the Hirsch Colesium.  “P” for Parkway (High School).  Many of my friends from school, sat in that section.  Good times!  When I go to an event at the Hirsch Colesium these days, I always look over to the “P” section, to see if anyone I know is seated there.  I’ve been looking for those concert ticket stub shoeboxes, lately, but they must be buried in my “junk room”, somewhere?  I’ll find them, though, at some point.

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