Should AI handle officiating?

It happened again! The New Orleans Saints seem to be cursed by the referees in the NFL, getting another terrible call on Sunday. Bad officiating is not limited to just the NFL. I’ve seen plenty of bad calls or no-calls in college football and other sports too. I do understand its a tough job and that human error is going to happen, but I sometimes feel like subjectivity gets in the way too. It makes me wonder if artificial intelligence could be the answer. Artificial intelligence or AI, has come a long way and could eliminate human error and subjectivity in sports officiating. Tennis has a system called Hawk-Eye which can measure whether a ball is in or out down to the 3.6 millimeters. With HD cameras, sensors that could be put on players and the ball, AI could be the way of the future. Of course the computer would have to understand the interpretation needed on some plays and it could start out as just a tool used with the replay system. I think this could really happen in football, but I’m sure the baseball traditionalist would never let this come to be.

The bad call is the least of the Saints worries at this time, Drew Brees thumb is a bigger issue. Don’t forget, you can hear all of the Saints games on 98 Rocks with the pregame show starting 2 hours before kickoff.


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