“Shotgun” Ken Shepherd & Tom @ Veteran’s Park Amphitheater

Kenny Wayne Shepherd was, maybe 6, I guess, when his Dad, “Shotgun” Ken Shepherd teamed up with my staff, Mr. Wilson & I from “The Q” (before we started 98Rocks), for the Louisiana Music Festival at The Veteran’s Park Amphitheater (off of the Clyde Fant Parkway in Shreveport, near Fort Humbug).  Stevie Ray Vaughan was the headliner act, but there were many great local bands that performed that day.  It was around Independence Day, and the best that I recall, Stevie Ray Vaughan performed the National Anthem, with fireworks around the pond.  The stage was in the middle of the pond.  We used to enjoy great performances & good times at Veteran’s Park Amphitheater.  I wish that the place was still there, so the generation of my sons, could experience it.  I have the Louisiana Music Festival vinyl record album from that memorable weekend.  It’s at my oldest son’s house in Highland right now.  The festival was a benefit for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Huge crowd!  I believe that it was the first time that Kenny Wayne Shepherd was exposed to the sound & stage style of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  If you see Shotgun around town, ask him about it, because Ken’s memory of that day, is, probably, better than mine. In the photo is “Shotgun” Ken Shepherd, a Shreveport Policeman (among the security for the huge event) & I.  Thanks to a longtime 98Rocks listener, and Tom Michaels fan, for emailing this photo to me yesterday.  It brought back some great memories.




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