Self Isolation Got You Going Nuts? Consult the Experts!

Getting a little crazy as we enter week 2 of self isolation/social distancing?

You’re not alone! (Well, you ARE, technically, but you shouldn’t feel alone.) Trust me, you can only talk to the dog and cats so much before even they tired of you… And my pets were over it by day four last week.

If anyone knows the struggle to stay sane when you’re alone, it’s astronauts! The TRUE pioneers of social distancing. They’re such hipsters, they did social distancing before it was ever trending. 😉

Some bright soul had the great idea to ask them how they kept from going out of their gourd when they literally had no one else to interact with on a daily basis.

Several space travelers chimed in with good advice on setting goals and assigning tasks, and practicing good hygiene and appearance being crucial to your overall mental well being! I guess that means I need to start wearing real pants again, even if I’m only at work for a few hours a day… Sigh.

Other good tips included open communication. Make sure you are expressing yourself clearly in your writing/texts/emails since there are no nonverbal cues for your correspondent to observe and translate.

Check out all their wisdom in this article, and feel free to share your own mental tips with us!

~Lady B

PS. If you’re having a hard time handling all of this, you have resources available! Call 1-866-310-7977 and you can speak with a trained counselor who can help you work through the anxiety and daily struggle Covid-19 presents.

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