Scent of the Season?

How about the soothing, good-to-be-back home aroma of….chicken?   I know.  Not the first thing that comes to mind when selecting that scented candle for the fireplace mantle.  I’m thinking more along the lines of piney-huckleberry, or fresh-baked cookies, pumpkin spice or vanilla latte.  Maybe some pinion pine wood is burning in the fireplace, or fresh bread in the oven.   A turkey roasting or seafood steaming.  The smell of just-out-of-the bucket KFC?  From a scented fireplace log?  Sorry, but I gotta take a pass.  Fast-food fried chicken, regardless of the purveyor, all smells to me like a workplace break-room I’d rather not be in.  No offense to chicken lovers.  I’m a carnivore, I’ve put away more than a few yard-birds in my day, baked, broiled, boiled, fried.  Chicken paprikash.  (Never heard of it?  Let the Mad Czechoslovakian enlighten you):

But when I settle-in by the fire to spend quality holiday-time with the ones I love, I don’t want to smell KFC.  That to me would smell like somebody didn’t feel like cooking a proper holiday meal. And it’s a fireplace log for the love of god, made of paper pulp and who knows what kind of aroma-producing chemicals.  I think they’re close to $20 each to boot.  If you really want the smell of it wafting from your hearth,  I suggest you buy a bucket of their bird, feed it to a homeless person, and then take the box home and burn it in your fireplace.  If however, the idea intrigues you, here’s a link to more info.  Get one for a chicken-loving friend too, and maybe the White House.

“Wait….is that chicken on fire?”





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