Runoff for Mayor

Just when you thought it was safe to allow posts from that friend who doesn’t agree with you, Shreveport….we have a runoff!

December 8th, we will all have the opportunity (Shreveport residents at least) to return to the polls and make a choice between the two candidates that received the most votes.

Here is a KSLA story on what, when, and how.

Now I have noticed that many social media commenters have been saying, “my candidate didn’t make it, so I am just not going to vote!”

That of course is up to the individual, but in my opinion, a “NO” vote is always a vote for the wrong candidate.

We always thank our veterans for serving, and fighting for our right to vote, so let us not take that right lightly.

Even if you don’t agree with either of the candidates, take the time to find out which one is closest to what you believe, and make that choice. You will be glad you did, and at least you will know that you did your part, and your civic duty, by making a choice for the future of the city.



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