Rockin’ The Vote

Today (Oct 27) is the last day for early voting in our parts, and the lines have been long each day since it began October 16.    If you’d rather skip what might be even longer lines come next Tuesday, this is your last chance.  Strap on some comfy shoes, charge your device of choice and take along some water, maybe a pocketful of snacks. With a cool wind and misty conditions forecast today, standing downtown for any length of time could be less than comfy for some, so you may want to bring a jacket or sweater, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.  Of course, if you’re a native of oh, Duluth maybe, this is shorts and flip-flops weather for you.

The wife and I made our trip to the lone early voting location in Caddo Parish, the registrar’s office on Marshall Street, around 4:30pm Monday.  The line extended up Marshall to Texas St., then hooked around the corner to Edwards.  I’d seen it longer last week, nonetheless, it crept along slowly but steadily for just over an hour before we reached the threshold.  Inside as well as in line, voters were masked, and keeping safe distance was stressed, but hey, it’s not a big space once you get in there.  At some point while waiting in the queue, a poll worker came by with tiny plastic zippy bags we were to place our identification into.  Once inside, the process was pretty swift.  ID checked, sign the verification, and receive a plastic card, just like an ATM card, along with a latex finger cot to protect one’s voting finger.   Roll the cot onto your pointer, slide the card in the slot, and your machine activates and is ready to go.  Follow the directions.  Any questions?  Fear not, poll workers were in abundance, efficient, courteous and knowledgeable.  If you have a medical condition or disability, you’ll be ushered to the head of the line.

In essence, every time you cast a vote your voice becomes a part of History.  Looking at it that way, the inconvenience was minimal.  I tallied an hour and a half from the time we parked to the time we were back in the car. No big, right?  I know I’ve had a few Doctor appointments that at least seemed that long, with the possible exception of my cardiologist.  That one usually consists of  a short exchange along these lines:

“You having any problems?”

“Nope, feeling  pretty good, Doc.”

“Huh.  See you next time then.”

Go vote.  And put some heart in it!


Here is more information from our Secretary of State: