Rockin’ N Racin’ Baby! Getting Ready For Some Texas NASCAR

I’m getting ready to take the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome to Texas for the NASCAR weekend (April 7 – 9). I’ll stop in Jefferson for a few days, and then to Fernbrook for Longview’s Dalton Days this weekend, before heading to the Texas Motor Speedway RV campgrounds on Tuesday. I’ve been so fired up about going back to Texas Motor Speedway, that I started looking around in our racing photo files, when I found this photo of the 98Rocks Racing Team.
Standing L-R: Nuke, Tom, Roxy, Tim, Al along with our drivers (in gold) Bobby & Nicole.  
We called Bobby Cook, “Cookie Bobby” (instead of Ricky Bobby), and we called Nicole “ShaDanica” (and, she raced much better than Danica Patrick). 
I’ll be checking in, from time to time, during the journey,  with some photos and whatnot, here at, as well as 98Rocks on Facebook, and on the radio from the Tom’sMahaul Motorhome Studio.  I have some Down Home brand sausages (green onion flavor) in the motorhome fridge, to grill up for some friends that camp around us at the track, when we circle the wagons (so to speak). 
Tom Michaels


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