Oh yeah the cleansing blast of the morning shower and it’s off we go to the Rock-N-Roll show!  Unless you’re an evening shower-taker. Maybe both.  Hey, your personal hygiene methods worry me not, just don’t smell too ripe at the office.  I say too, because most folks like me who’ve raised a couple of kids and kept a lot of animals can tolerate a moderate amount of funkiness.  Just Nature, right?   Feeling frisky this morning with some breezy 40’s happening, and lotsa rays with a high near 60.  Suitable weather for just about everything outdoors, torturous to a fifth-grader in math who swears the clock has stopped cold.  I have the “advantage” of being in the windowless control room, so I’m not tempted to bolt by the sun-splashed views of the industrial park adjacent to the station.  “I dunno, Bobby got a hall pass about thirty minutes ago….”  Heh-heh!  Still, it would be nice if some natural light could shine in.  Spring is creeping closer despite a frost and/or freeze possible for some parts of the area overnight.  Protect whatever tender vegetation you have growing as many folks got an early start on the gardening this year, myself included.  The sesason is upon us on 3/20.  Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday.  Joy.  My body will scream “It’s only 4am!!”  when the clock insists it is 5 and I’m gonna be late.  Dammit.  Oh well, adapt we will.  I’m live until 10am, post a request below or call 318-320-9898.  While you’re here, if you haven’t taken a look around our website in awhile check it out, including blogs from the other air personalities, restaurant menus, news and the incomparable Gig Guide.



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