Am I right, or am I right? Just Tom’s observation here…

In the photo is our digital guru, Michael Burnley (aka Mr. B.), and your’s truly (aka Tom).  One of our weekend DJs, Lady B, felt compelled to take the photo.  Then, a group of us got into a conversation about, how people who see other, and see that they’re dressed alike.  I’ve notice, at times, when a few ladies show up at work, and see each other wearing the same dress, or clothes, they don’t, particularly, like that.  I can tell.  But, with guys, that kind of stuff is “way down low on the list of caring” (quote from our GM, Cary Camp).  When Mr. B. & I first ran into each other at work this morning, and saw the similarity, we, simultaneously, said “COOL!”.  I don’t see too many ladies behaving that way, when they see that they’re dressed alike.  Is that just me, or am I not seeing this situation, correctly?

Tom Michaels



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