Remembering My South Bossier Garage Bands….

Tommy & The Rain Band, was one of my old garage bands, back in the day.  We only played songs about rain, like The Rain Song & Fool In the Rain (Led Zeppelin), Who’ll Stop The Rain & Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR),  Fire & Rain (James Taylor), Let It Rain (Eric Clapton), Rain Dance (Guess Who), Riders On The Storm (Doors) etc etc.  But, as I was driving in the rain this morning, I thought if my old garage band did a reunion thing, we could include “November Rain” (Guns n’ Roses), Rain On The Scarecrow (John Mellencamp), Louisiana Rain (Tom Petty), No Rain (Blind Melon) and many other songs about rain that have come along since then.  Another Shady Grove garage band that I as in, was After-Math.  Math was the last class of the day, when I was a senior at Parkway, and my band buddies were in that class, too.  So, after math, we’d head to Scott’s garage in Sun City, and plug in, turn on the amps, and start rockin’.  Since we always did that after the last hour math class, we called the band After-Math.  I recall doing an hour & a half version of Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) with that band.  When one of us was ready to wrap it up, another one of the band members would motion to keep it going.  We did have an issue, figuring out how, or when, to end songs that we played.  We were, all, enjoying the songs so much, we didn’t want them to end, I suppose?  The photo is from my dash cam, while driving in heavy rain this morning.  Headlights on, when it’s raining.  It’s the law.  Plus, it’s just a good idea, anyway, right?

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