Redact This!

Okay here we go.  The gloves are off now, and I think it’s time for me to say what’s really been on my mind for some time now.  That is, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, which is to say, he, namely XXXXXXXXXXXXX, is just another one of many XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX who somehow managed to  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the XXXXXXXXXXXX, and then, like icing on the cake, get off a short pass to his XXX-XXXXXX XXXXXX, and just like that, Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, is riding high.  Top of the world.

Well, some of us have good reason to believe that, despite what bXXXXXXXXXXXX like XXXXXXXX or XXXXXXX might testify to, the real truth is that XXXXXXXXXXXXX and not XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, had everything to do with it. We already know XXXXX, XXXX and XXX are good for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, who should XXXXXXXXXXXX until the surface of the sun solidifies like a lead paperweight, notwithstanding the legal argument that XXXXXXX is so XXXX of XXXXXXX no sunlight can penetrate his mass.   So conclusively, and for sure, meaning without a doubt, but maybe allowing for a little XXXXXXXXXX and some gratuitous XXXXXXXX, which is acceptable in this administration, and well as in XXXXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXX Thrones, where some legality may be questioned.

That’s my report, I stand behind my words, and in the interest of full transparency welcome your feedback to me the author,  Mr.XXXXXXX X XXXXXX, who can be reached anytime at XXXXXX or by XXXXXXXXX as well as XXXXXX.  Looking forward to your comments, you lilly-livered XXXXX of a XXXXX XXX!

So there.


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