Pumped Up Yet?

I had to stop to fuel the Green Giant on my way in this morning, and it gave me a few minutes to focus on the weekend ahead.  I also had the chance to catch-up with an old pal from the neighborhood I haven’t seen around much, as his rock-n-roll roadie lifestyle has him out of town a lot.  Young Julio.  He’s doing well I’m happy to say.   You never know who you might run into at the gas pump at 5am on a Thursday, huh?  It was one of those positive chance encounters that kind of sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Also happy I had the grocery rewards card with me so I could knock ten cents off the $2.27/gal list price.  Cost of fuel creeping up again in time for vacation season I guess.

It’s Poochamania this Saturday at the Simpson Street Park in Benton, and the Alpha Pet-Lovers Team, the City of Benton and all of our great sponsors have been working hard to make it another great event for everybody, two-legged or four.  Pups on a leash please, otherwise the rule is “Have Fun!”  We’ll see you Saturday from 10a-1p, just keep listening and checking our website and f-book for updates.  Now to the immediate task at hand.  I’m behind the mic 6-10a, with another Clean Sweep keyword at 8a.  Of course Tom has your keywords at 11a and 2 & 5p, plus the Joe Bonamassa, Lillian Axe and Gun and Knife show giveaways continue, with a big blitz of Free Falling-The Tom Petty Tribute Band concert tickets all next week!  We’ll keep ya rockin!

What is this “Poochamania” you speak of?



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