Plug In

Powered-up and plugged in for another week?  Sure.  Me too.  Slowly letting the real world flow through the wires and light-up my dormant mind.  The dormancy is deliberate some weekends, and this was one that required a re-boot.  If it didn’t happen within a few square miles of the domicile I am probably oblivious to it.  What news?  What internet? What disaster overseas?  Didn’t catch that, don’t have a clue, don’t ask me.  Olympics?  That was on?  Huh.  I was replacing the wiper blades on the Jeep.  Or maybe I was refilling a couple bird feeders.  In all honesty I did have a peak at the weather channel a few times, and watched a couple shots worth of golf coverage from Pebble Beach, (envious of that weather) but my inner-space was mostly uncluttered with outside stimuli.  Now I did hear the happy news that good friends Heather & Ashton welcomed their first baby girl Ivy into the world.  That was Friday, so technically I hadn’t pulled my plug yet, but that’s the kind of news even the hermiest of hermits wouldn’t want to be isolated from.  Monday has arrived now though, the morning blog is written, the senses are starting to sharpen and the coffee is tasty.  A cold breeze and overcast skies are expected to give way to some sunshine later.  Bring it on, I say.  My morning paper just hit the driveway, coach across the street is warmin’ up his car for the ride in, and I’ll be next in line to make the quick 16.2 mile trip to the 98 Rocks Alpha Studios, where the real fun will begin.  Make it a rockin’ day!




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