Saturday is National Pizza Day, and I certainly intend to celebrate by downing a slice or two!  Pizza memories?  Bet most of us have ’em, whether it was an extra special trip to your favorite parlor as a child, a special birthday treat or maybe memories of that rubbery  school cafeteria pizza come to mind.  I’ll take a deep-dish weighing-in at over a pound a slice, or a thin and crispy takeout on a cardboard disc wrapped in carefully tented white paper speckled with droplets of glorious greasy pizza juices.  Not particular, but not a fan of pineapple on pizza.  Why take up space better used for CHEESE!  Mountains and mountains of hot gooey salty yummy CHEESE.  Man I am so hungry now.  Yum.  Anyway, in honor of the holiday, here are some new pizza stats for you, and don’t forget to tip your delivery driver!

1.  98% of Americans like pizza, and 54% of us even say we LOVE IT.

2.  Almost one in three people eat it at least once a week.

3.  33 million Americans would pick pizza as their last meal on Earth . . . and 26 million would give up getting-it-on for a year for unlimited pizza.

4.  The most popular toppings are pepperoni . . . sausage . . . mushroom . . . and bacon.  And the least popular are anchovies . . . eggplant . . . pineapple . . . and artichokes.

5.  When it comes to crusts, “regular” is the most popular type . . . thin crust is second . . . and deep dish is third.

Here are a few interesting pizza-oriented links:

And here’s a link from people who don’t serve pizza but want a piece of the frenzy anyway:


And why not a closing shot of the genuine article, notice there is no pineapple on it…js…

Pepperoni pizza on white