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Snoopy vs the Red Baron.  Who won the dogfight?  I cheered on Snoopy to win.  This is among my patches.  I used to wear patches on my camo and blue jean shirts and pants.  Actually, I’d even thread my patches onto my clothes, myself, while sitting next to my lava lamp and rockin’ out on the stereo.  I, still, look for patches when I’m flea market shopping, or looking through stores that have that kind of stuff.  In some collectable stores, patches are treated like jewelry, and placed behind the glass.  What’s up with that?  While I’ve been doing spring cleaning at the family home, I came across one of my favorite patches, and this one is, amazingly, still like-new.  The Snoopy patch was on some old camo shirt that I used to wear.  I’d wear it now, but the shirt either shrunk, or my arms and shoulders grew larger, because when I put it on, my belly button was showing, and my upper arms and chest felt tightly confined.  I tell people that I was born “full-grown”.  Actually, I say “I was born full growed” (I say that, for effect, to see the reaction of the person listening).  I guess that now you know, I’m capable of displaying signs of (slight) exaggeration or embellishment.

Big thanks to you for rockin’ with me on your office, or shop, radio, or if you’re making the rounds and listening on your truck radio (like a friend who does deliveries in Northern Caddo Parish – my old soda pop delivery route back in the day).  Also, thanks to the many rockin’ with us on the free 98Rocks app on your smart phone and listening on the website at




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