Parkway boy with Magnet High alumni

Just good ol’ boys… never meanin’ no harm…

Shreveport’s Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Caddo Magnet High alumni, like our own Nuke Man) joined me in the studio, with his one-of-a-kind compadre, Noah Hunt.  They’ve been in the studio in Shreveport, working on a new album that is due out this summer.  Kenny & Noah are busy this year.  Not only are they doing the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band stuff, but they’re also on the 2017 Experience Hendrix Tour.  I saw the Hendrix tribute concert that they did last year at the Revention Center in Houston, and it kicked ass!  Here’s more on this year’s tour… CLICK HERE

You can catch Kenny Wayne Shepherd on stage at the Historic Strand Theatre in Shreveport, Arpil 1st, with his band, The Rides, which also features Stephen Stills (of Crosby, Stills, Nash fame) and Barry Goldberg.  That’s going to be a great show, in a great setting, with great sound!  More on tickets and other info CLICK HERE

Shotgun Ken Shepherd called me Monday, and told me that KWS was in town, recording the upcoming album, and I said “Send Shotgun Jr by the station to fill in all of our KWS fans, with what’s going on.”  It was good to talk to Kenny Wayne’s dad for a bit.  Old friends.  I remember when I was at “The Q” (before we started 98Rocks), and Shotgun teamed up with us to do the Stevie Ray Vaughan concert at the Veteran’s Park Ampitheater.  I wish that theater was still in operation today.  That was a cool place.

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