32 degrees greets my 4am check of the weather station, and that is not my favorite temperature any time of the year.  Especially March for cryin’ out loud.  Good news is mid-60’s and sunshine are forecast today, 40’s tonight and 70-something for our Friday!  As is the pattern around here most years as Spring approaches, the rainy weather, stormy weather seems to sync-up with the weekends, and that will be the case again this week, at least for Saturday.  We’ll see.  Only thing more unpredictable than the weather around here is the subject of the  President’s next tweet.  Speaking of tweet, the happy chirping of the “Wakin’ up my day” jingle is on the tv and cheery as it is, some mornings it makes me wish I had a brick to throw at the screen.  Hey, I’m a “morning-person” just not a skip-through-the- daisies while singing a happy song morning person.  Keep it real, right.  Calendar indicates it is International Woman’s Day today.  Way to go girls, we love you.  We all have an important woman in our life or we wouldn’t (couldn’t) be here.  In your honor ladies, requests today are 2-for-1. And go ahead and hit the snooze button an extra time or two.  We got your six! Rock On!




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