Onward We March

Welcome to the first Friday of my favorite month, and boy is it going to feel like Spring.  Not that we’ve had anything close to a rough Winter.  Of course we do have a few more official weeks of that season and surprises are the routine around here weather-wise.  Had to let the pooch out after midnight, and the full moon, clear sky and sparkly display of planets and stars above made me wish I was headed to the woods with the camper.  While rolling the garbage and recycling cans out to the curb just after 5a, I glanced northward in time to catch the ISS brightly soar by.  Inspirational way to start the day, thinking of that crew speeding around the planet day after day, getting the best views of our amazing home.  I’d gladly un-plug from any and all forms of what we call “entertainment” down here, in exchange for a few hours of the view those astronauts enjoy.  But gravity wins today, so I’m on-air and not above it, moving at the speed of rock-n-roll.  Finally, let me transmit a long-distance Birthday greeting to Bonnie…the reminiscing we could do, huh?




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