Only A Brief Rain

It was a welcome, but yes quite short-lived drenching we enjoyed in my Southside neighborhood Thursday evening.  Just shy of a quarter-inch, according to my wiz-bang Ack-Yoo-Rite weather station.  Not nearly enough to end the area-wide drought we’re experiencing, but a relief for lawns and flowers and vegetable gardens.  Of course my veggies got an extra watering, as I was so enraptured watching the rare falling rain, I completely forgot to switch my sprinkler to delay.  Well, this is Louisiana, so I’ll call it lagniappe!  Chris Frazier, my best neighbor across the street spares not an ounce in the watering department, and I’ve begun to ascribe to his practice of the liberal daily dousings that forever keep his lawn among the most lush on the block.  I’ve even taken to calling his technique “Frazierisation.”  Believe me, this works!

So regardless of the rain probability, enjoy the weekend ahead!  Even though much celebrating was had on Independence Wednesday, there will be plenty more to come.  Lake Bistineau has an annual event Saturday, and good music and hot-air balloons are part of the annual “Balloons Over Desoto” on Sunday.  Catch the Gig-Guide for more on these and other events, and thanks for making us The Home of Rock-N-Roll, 98 Rocks!





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