On The Hunt

Well, sort of.  In Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain, and this story has gotta make you wonder what it’s blowin’ in) a lawmaker has introduced a bill that seeks to set a specific season for Bigfoot hunting.  Representative Justin Humphrey, bored by his search for the Holy Grail and proof that the earth is flat,  has authored H.B. 1648, calling for the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to set a Sasquatch hunting season, which would also mean setting fees for specific hunting licenses, which could mean “cha-ching” for the state, should enough people buy into it.  I fear that there are more than enough people willing to buy into it.  Hell, some might find an Official Oklahoma Bigfoot License suitable for framing.  A true testament to one’s eccentricities.  Not likely they’ll have a lodge full of  mounted Bigfoot heads over stately fireplaces anytime soon, but the marketing possibilities are promising.

If it takes off, Unicorn hunting will be next, and who’d be surprised.  Lately, if it sounds too ridiculous to be true…it probably is.

Here’s more”  https://www.theblaze.com/news/oklahoma-lawmaker-bigfoot-hunting-season